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Win Friends, Influence People June 15, 2011

Another “Alyssa story.”

Every time I went to the grocery store with Alyssa, I was introduced to more of Alyssa’s friends. Turns out, she knows most of the town. And when she found someone she didn’t know, this conversation ensued.

A: “Hi! My name is Alyssa Barden! I’m 21 and I’m gwaduating from high school. What is your name?”

Random store worker looks up from unloading onions.

“Um… my name is Paul.”

A: “HI PAUL! Can I shake your hand?”

Walks over to where he is and shakes his hand.

A: “It’s good to meet you.”

Continues shopping.

I think I need to take lessons from her on how to win friends and influence people.


Living Good Stories June 8, 2011

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Someone recently told me the idea that we can choose to live good life stories or not.

Alyssa lives good stories.

Everywhere she goes, she loves people. After just two days in Colorado, I had a bunch of new favorite Alyssa stories. Here’s one of them…

On Thursday morning, we tried to sneak Alyssa out of the house to her graduation breakfast and rehearsal without her finding out that Gramma, Grampa, and Dad arrived late last night and were still sleeping. It was hilarious to watch her deduction skills at work. She has grown and matured so much and the wheels were definitely turning in her mind… but not quite enough to put everything together.

A: “Who’s suitcase is this?”

B: “I don’t know. We’ll find out later.”

A: “Hm. It says Wob [Rob]. I think it belongs to Daddy.”

*Long pause while she looks at the suitcase.*

A: “I guess he must have left it here! He needs to come back and get it.”

And with that problem solved, she happily moved on to other things!