Growing Up Special

Thoughts, ramblings, and encouragement from a special need sibling to the world

Resources March 8, 2011

Being the Other One
This is the book that started me on my way to blogging about special siblings. It is refreshingly real and practical, which gave me an opportunity to be honest with myself, but then prompted me to decide what I was going to do with all that honesty.

Special Siblings
I haven’t really dug into this book yet, but it looks like another real, honest, and practical look at life as a special siblings.

Sibling Support



Ten Things Every Child With Autism Wishes You Knew
This article changed my life.  If you are close to someone with autism, it just might change yours.

If you have a recommendation for a book, website, blog, event, or location that other special need siblings might find helpful, let me know!


One Response to “Resources”

  1. Jill Grier Says:

    Same Lake, Different Boat book by Stephanie Hubach is a great read on looking at disabilities from a biblical worldview.

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