Growing Up Special

Thoughts, ramblings, and encouragement from a special need sibling to the world

About March 9, 2011

With only two years separating myself and my special sibling, I have never known life without the unique joys and struggles of “growing up special.”  My sister Alyssa is a very special individual whom we are blessed to know and love.  I write about her and about what  it means to be a special sibling.  I hope to encourage other siblings of those with special needs and bring awareness to people in general about what it means to live with special siblings.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Jill Grier Says:

    Brittany, I can see this accomplishing much for the Kingdom! You are going to help a lot of people. II Corinthians 1:3-4!

  2. Molly, mother of 4 Says:

    I just stumbled upon this today and bookmarked it for my “typical” children to read. I know that it will help them to know that they are not alone in their thoughts about having a sibling with special needs.

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