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Embarrasment? Nah… July 14, 2011

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Sometimes, Alyssa’s need for order and structure is hilarious. Tonight, we were at Red Robin when she noticed a balloon had floated up to the ceiling. She kept looking at it and making comments such as “Why is that balloon up there?” “They need to get it down.” “It’s not supposed to be there!”

As much as I tried to distract her, she simply was not able to ignore something that was clearly out of place. Finally, she flagged down a waitress.

“‘Scuse me. Why is that balloon up there?”

“Well… they just get stuck up there sometimes. Then at night, we have to pop them all.”

“Oh. That’s so saaaad.”

I just laugh. When I was younger, though, I would be embarrassed by some of the things that Alyssa said or did. Some of my younger siblings still get embarrassed at times. But that’s not right. Instead, we should realize that Alyssa–like the rest of us–is simply living her life to the fullest. And there is nothing embarrassing about that.


I know I haven’t been posting as regularly lately. I am going to set a date and say that by August 1st, that will change. Thanks for your patience in the meantime. 🙂


2 Responses to “Embarrasment? Nah…”

  1. Your blog is such an inspiration, both your attitude and insight into this special life make these stories a delight to read. I don’t have a sibling with Autism, in fact, I don’t even know anyone with the disorder, but the lessons and suggestions you’ve shared here will certainly help when I do meet someone special! My great-grandmother – who lives with us – has Alzheimer’s Disease, and in many ways, I imagine it to be not unilke living with your sister. Please keep up the great stories.

    ~ Hattie

  2. brittanyk1 Says:

    Thanks so much for your comment, Hattie! (Sorry I didn’t respond before now… I’ve been focusing on my new site, It’s great to hear that you have found the posts encouraging, especially as someone who’s not a special sibling. I really hope to reach anyone and everyone. =)

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